Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedding Entertainment - Party Band or DJ?

Great wedding entertainment can definitely make your wedding reception a huge success. Deciding whether to hire a wedding band or a dj can be a difficult choice to make, however, especially if you and your future spouse have different opinions on the matter. Here are some important things to consider before making the final choice.
Party Band Pop Rox

What style of wedding entertainment would you like for your event?

A party band could be exactly what you need if you are looking for wedding entertainment that is fairly traditional. A party wedding band generally specializes in what most musicians refer to as "standards." A great party band is able to accommodate most requests if you provide them the selections in advance, including your first dance, and specialty dances. If your taste in music is slightly broader or more modernized, be sure that the entertainers you are considering is both capable and fluent in that particular genre.

party band or DJ
Hiring a DJ means you get the benefit of hearing practically any song you'd like (within reason, of course, but then again ... it is YOUR wedding!)

How important is live wedding entertainment versus having prerecorded music?

An experience band or DJ knows how to keep things running smoothly, how to work with your wedding coordinator, and how to roll with the punches. You hope everything is always running on schedule, but realistically something always changes ... whether it be a longer dinner hour due to slow service, a missing best man for the toast, or even your own late arrival at the venue. That being said, either the band leader or DJ should be fully prepared to deal with these types of changes. So what your choice really comes down to is what's more important?

Truthfully, nothing says "class" like live music. Your guests will surely be impressed by a live band with a great performance. Live wedding entertainment can be more expensive however, so it is important to ensure the band will fit withing your budget. Usually, DJ's can be hired for less money, which can help your bottom line, especially if your working with limited funds.

Whether you decide on a band or DJ, the most important thing to do is ask a lot of questions. Make sure they are experienced. Ask for references, song lists, and any thing else you can think of to make a confident decision. As long as you are well informed, you can rest easy that your wedding entertainment and your reception will be a huge success!

Creative Agency - How to Help Your Small Business

Hiring a creative agency can help your small business compete, and could also increase your bottom line. Attempting to handle your own company branding, web design and marketing while also running your business can become a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of advertising. 
creative agency design for small business

A professional creative agency or advertising agency specializes in creating effective marketing materials that will target your potential clients and deliver your company's message. They can determine exactly what your target market is and come up with the best methods to reach the people that will benefit from your products and services.

The worst move you can make is to hire someone who doesn't have a proven track record of success with other small businesses. Someone I know very well recently accepted an offer from a local university for a program where student designers will create a full brand, website, and marketing materials free of charge. She had close ties with this particular professor, and realizing that participating in the program would benefit the school, the students, and the community, she agreed. 

creative agency branding for your business

When she shared her decision with me, I supported her desire to assist the local university, but also gently reminded her that the end product would most likely not have the high quality that her small businesses needs to succeed. She was working on a small budget, and this did seem like the perfect solution, but in the end, she ended up having to hire a professional creative agency and wasted months of time waiting for designs that she could never use.

Another big mistake is hiring a designer just because he or she may be a personal friend or relative. It's very difficult to avoid feeling as though you are obligated to work with friends and family, but you need to treat the design and marketing aspect of your company just as you would with any other important part of your business. 

Would you let your nephew create new recipes for your restaurant just because he enjoys cooking at home? Probably not. Now if your nephew happens to be a five star chef, that's a completely different story. The same logic applies to company branding, marketing concepts, and web or print design.

It's very important to remember that both you and your business deserves to have the best tools available to you. If you are concerned that a professional creative agency may be to expensive, shop around, compare prices ... just as you would with any other service. It will greatly benefit your company in the long run and ensure a financially secure and successful future.